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WOO Network

WOO Network is a deep liquidity network compiled by Kronos Research. It connects traders, commerce, institutions, and forums with DeFi through democratic access to high-quality liquidity, trade-offs, and low-cost or zero-yield production strategies.

WOO Network offers intermediate and extended transactions as part of the financial network. WOO X (CEX) offers low-cost trading, customized workspaces, and deep liquidity. WOOFi (DEX) offers a new Synthetic Proactive Market Making model that mimics a custom exchange order book. Users of the trading platform can change, benefit from, and participate in WOO, a native project token. You can buy WOO at Binance with a credit or bank card or trade it for other cryptocurrencies. WOO can also be attached to the stake for prizes on WOOFi.


Since the creation of Bitcoin, the blockchain space has continued to grow rapidly, and it is easy to see how important cryptocurrency trading is today. But, going back to 2016, the options were limited. Binance was only launched in July 2017, and there were no Uniswap or other Automated Market Developers (AMM) out there. Many people buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets directly from other people in the peer-to-peer (P2P) market or through over-the-counter (OTC) trading. There are now hundreds (if not thousands) of crypto trading options to choose from. WOO Network is part of this ecosystem, but it offers unique features that surpass the standard crypto exchange model. If you want to hear more about Binance Lab investing, come to the right place.

What is the WOO Network?


OO Network is a deep liquidity network that connects vendors, commerce, institutions, and DeFi platforms. It provides democratic access to market liquidity, trade-offs, and production strategies at low or zero cost.

WOO Network was launched by Kronos Research in 2019, a high-profile trading company that has long been a leading market producer in all major markets, producing $ 5-10 billion in daily volume. Over the years of the crypto experience, the Kronos team has identified significant shortcomings - insufficient and inexpensive investments in many crypto trades, both medium and segmented.

Later, Kronos helped launch the WOO Network, which now offers a range of products that bring users better revenue at lower or zero costs. Binance Labs led the WOO Network's Series A + sponsorship cycle with an investment of $ 12M in January 2022.

WOO Network distinguishes most of its services between WOO X, centralized exchange (CEX), and WOOFi, decentralized exchange (DEX) and solid platform. WOO Network provides WOO Trade to institutional customers, allowing partner trading to incorporate WOO Network revenue into their services via an API.

How does the WOO Network work?

WOO Network is working with Kronos Research to consolidate and consolidate financial transactions using limited trading and security strategies. Liquidity is comprised of a large number of centralized trading platforms and, more recently, through DeFi networks such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche. Clients connect directly to the network via API or GUI in WOO X and WOOFi. Others connect indirectly with DeFi platforms like 1inch, 0x, or Paraswap.

Marketers from other forums, such as dYdX, can use the WOO Network as a protection against exposure. The zero-currency model and the favorable terms in the take-for orders are suitable for low-cost fencing. Volumes have been steadily rising, and by mid-September 2021, the 24-hour trading volume reached $ 2.5B, fueled by significant growth on popular platforms, such as dYdX.

What makes the WOO Network different?

The WOO Network team has gained valuable financial and technical knowledge at a number of companies such as Citadel, Virtu, Allston, Deutsche Bank, and BNP Paribas. Also, WOO Network product offerings include: WOO Network - a gateway for institutional clients to upgrade their order books to compete sharply with high-profile transactions and strengthen their spread of the tad. WOO X is an inexpensive trading platform or even a bargain value that gives professional and institutional traders the highest level of value and expenditure. Includes fully customized modules in the workspace customization.

WOOFi is a series of products that aim to expand the WOO Network liquidity network to DeFi and help DeFi users get the best prices, low payouts, solid bid bids, and rewarding but safe production opportunities.

WOO Ventures is an investment arm of the WOO Network, which seeks to build strategic partnerships with projects and the environment. 50% of the return on all investments returned to WOO token holders.

What is WOO X?

WOO X is a major WOO Network product that provides Centralized Finance (CeFi) trading services. The exchange boasts of trading low cost, deep liquidity, and customized workspaces.

Low cost trading


ees are an important part of any trader’s choice when choosing a platform. Users who trade in WOO X directly (without using the API) can reduce their builder and take-out payments by obtaining Tier 2 status. Tier 2 is available for those involved in 1800 WOO WOO X, and CEX occasionally takes advantage of additional for Tier 2 users.

Deep liquidity

The key to the success of any exchange is the ability of buyers and sellers to complete their orders successfully. Ideally, there should be no slowdown or the absence of large orders and the spread of bid bid, and this can only be achieved by deep funding. This means that most people offer crypto to buy and sell in the order book, and the exchange can easily meet demand.

WOO Network derives its revenue from platform operators and professional financial providers, traders, marketers, and institutions. The most important provider of WOO X is Kronos Research, a trading company that participates in marketing. By providing a deep foundation for liquidity through the Kronos Survey, WOO X can draw extra revenue from the network.

Custom workspaces

WOO X allows users to customize their trading views with widgets, charts, and other customizations. For more experienced retailers, this gives them access to the information and tools they need. TradingView also provides advanced charting tools for creating technical analysis indicators.

What is WOOFi?

WOOFi is a BSC-based Automated Market Marker that uses the Synthetic Proactive Market Making (sPMM) model to determine prices. Most standard AMMs use a more precise, more advanced Product Marketplace (CPMM). WOOFi offers three key features:

1. Exchange - Users can exchange between pairs of tokens at WOOFi cash pools. The sPMM model has more similarities with a standard exchange order book than AMMs like Uniswap in Ethereum (ETH). SPMM relies on WOO Network market data to scan book order prices from intermediate trading such as Binance and calculate fair trade price. Liquidity comes from a single pool rather than a standard dual asset liquidity pool (LP) system. WOOFi manages and re-balances these assets by providing incentives to investors who provide the goods at a lower cost.

2. Earnings - Users can apply LP tokens to other DEXs and individual assets to start farming. These vaults also invest automatically and efficiently, allowing you to maximize your profits.

3. Staking - WOO owners can place their tokens to share the profits earned in exchange and earn via WOOFi.

WOO Token

WOO is a traditional WOO Network brand, which serves as a unifying force across all DeFi and CeFi products and services. It has a high supply of 3 billion tokens, gradually decreasing with the burning of tokens every month until 50% max supply is burned. WOO utility token is available on most blockchains using bridges like BNB Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Fantom, and NEAR. It is embedded within the leading DEXs in various chains: Bancor, SushiSwap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, and SpookySwap. The WOO token provides access to WOO X trading for zero cash, Trade-to-Earn discounts, staking, discounts, WOO Ventures airdrops, and administrative services. Let's take a closer look at its current and future usage conditions.

1. Management - WOO stakeholders in both WOOFi and WOO X, as well as anyone with at least 1,800 WOOs in the on-chain fund, can participate in extended governance by making suggestions or voting on WOO DAO ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

2. Staking - By adding WOO tokens, you can reduce your trading costs and enjoy even free trade in WOO X. Traders with a high value in WOO X can also put WOO on the stake to increase their trading limits and reduce and costs.

3. Spreading the harvest - Part of the tokens earned on WOO Ventures The pre-phase project investment is still distributed to WOO token stakeholders in WOO X. You can also add your WOO to WOOFi and reap the benefits from your payments on both Swap products and Earn.

4. Providing finance and rewarding farming - You can use your WOO to invest in ponds and commercial farms such as SushiSwap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and more. This offers opportunities across all blockchains.

5. Borrowing and lending - You can use your WOO as collateral for crypto loans and lend them to other users.

6. Public trading - In the future, WOO stakeholders will be able to emulate high-level trading strategies from highly successful traders.

7. WOO Token Burning - The WOO network uses 50% of the platform's revenue to purchase and burn WOO every month.

Where can I buy WOO?

You can buy WOO at Binance in two ways. First, you can use a credit or bank card for a selected fiat currency. Go to Binance's [Buy Crypto with Debit / Credit Card] page, select the currency you want to use and select WOO in the section below. Click [Continue] to confirm your purchase with further instructions.

You can also trade cryptocurrencies like BUSD and BNB to get WOO. Navigate to the Exchange view and type WOO in the pairs of trading pairs to get a list of all available trading pairs. For more information on Exchange Views, go to How to Use TradingView on the Binance website.

How do I add WOO to WOOFi?

You can contribute to WOO on the WOOFi platform of the BNB Smart Chain to begin to reap the benefits. After you take action, you will receive xWOO as your receipt

pool allocation. WOOFi switch payments are shared with pool. After you remove your stake, your xWOO is burned, and you will receive your initial deposit and interest earned. Don't forget that you will need BEP-20 BNB to cover your operating costs.

1. To get started, connect your WOO wallet to the WOOFi forum with the [Connect Wallet] button.

2. Enter the amount you want to hold and click [CONFESS].

Note that there is a 7-day lock period with a 5% withdrawal penalty before the end of this period.

Closing thoughts

WOO Network is an easy way if you want CEX security and access to unlisted tokens on DeFi platforms. Their liquidity focus is important for blockchain users who want to avoid slipping at all costs. All in all, the project is one of the rarest options out there that includes CEX and DEX services. As WOO Network revenue continues to grow in the DeFi and CeFi area, the use of WOO tokens is also growing. Its combination of a team of veterans, support for industry leaders like Binance, and a set of key brands has helped build its position in the industry today. To continue this growth, WOO Network plans to expand its comprehensive list of products, features, and collaborations.

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